Blogs may come and go, but malpractice is everlasting.

RU@Risk has moved to  

Recently some changes were made to this blog to give lawyers a fresh perspective into our world of professional liability. I am pleased to now be blogging with three of my MLM colleagues: Angie Hoppe, Alice Sherren and Chad Saunders. By having more contributors, we can share with you our various perspectives on the problems we see every day. With this set-up, Angie will focus on issues involving starting a law practice, while Alice handles some of the tough questions our claim adjusters get everyday, and Chad writes about insurance. I will continue to write about the malpractice that appears in the news and carry over the discussion from our monthly webcasts into this forum.

Our goal all along has been to give you a view into our world of legal malpractice and provide a little helpful advice that so you can learn from the mistakes of others.

Let us know what you think of the information at our new site  We’d love to have you join the discussion.


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